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Why Choose Us


Extensive background in conflict resolution, mediation and mental health as well as in the legal process and relevant laws.


More than 70 years of combined experience in the helping professions; over 40 years in mediation.


Offices in Lakewood, Cherry Creek and the Denver Tech Center. Daytime, evening and some weekend appointments are available.

Dedication and Caring:

What happens to you matters to us!

Our Clients Speak

The result of our mediation with you was much better than I expected. To be honest, I only came because I had to in order to get the Judge to listen to me. I expected to be with you for a half-hour and then go to Court and find out whether or not my ex-wife would be able to take away more of my time with my daughter. With your help, she and I were able to communicate for the first time in several years. I found out what was really bothering her, and we were able to solve this without my losing time with my daughter. I guess that’s what you mean by a ‘win-win’ result. Believe me, I know who to call the next time we have a problem that we can’t work out! Thanks again.”

“Thank you for your help in coming to an agreement. I believe we did this without adding more to the emotional baggage one deals with in divorce. The girls seem to be dealing with things pretty well. Thank you for your part in that.”

“I appreciate all you did to help us. Your patience was appreciated while we worked through everything. The work you did helped us to put all of the pieces together. With that behind us, we can each look forward to our separate lives with a more positive attitude. Thanks.”

“I am very thankful for your expert work with us. While I was not very hopeful at the start, your needed skill (which, with you, includes a ‘felt care’) helped us to stay in mediation long enough to make an agreement that is good for our son and good for us. With gratitude,”

“Thank you so much for your support and assistance. It really made a difference in getting to a ’win-win’ resolution. The kids and I are doing well and are settled in our new home. The parenting schedule is working well. Best wishes.”

"Thank you so much for your expertise and assistance in helping to work out the details of the legal separation. Before going to see you, the task of coming to some sort of agreement seemed nearly impossible to imagine. Your guidance in helping us to focus on each issue and its relation to the whole picture, doing so in a reasonable and calm manner was the key to the success of the arrangement. Without your experience and expert advice we surely would have ended up in court. You are providing a valuable service to the community. Thank you for all your work."

What Referring Professionals Have to Say

“Arnie Swartz is one of the most effective and skilled mediators in the Denver area. I never hesitate to send him my most difficult clients and cases, knowing that if resolution is possible on any or all of the issues, he will help the parties to achieve it. He is carefully attuned to the needs and interests of the parties and has, on occasion, even terminated the mediation process when he believed that one of the parties was unable to mediate with appropriate self interest. I highly recommend Mr. Swartz for your mediation needs and do so with complete confidence in his outstanding abilities.”
L.U. - Family Law Attorney

“Arnold Swartz and Associates provides a calm atmosphere in which couples can approach sensitive discussions in a mature, creative and productive manner. Mr. Swartz offers consistently even-handed, fair and practical solutions in the midst of difficult life transitions. He is at the top of my referral list for family mediators.” D.T. - Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist

“When I refer parties to mediation, it is with the hope and expectation that the next time I hear from them the matter will have been settled. The great majority of the time that parties work with Arnold Swartz, they, in fact, are able to reach a resolution, no matter how complex and emotionally charged the situation.”
G.V. - District Court Judge

“Many difficult cases believed incapable of settlement have resulted in a resolution during the course of mediation with Arnold Swartz and Associates.”
J.S. - Civil and Family Law Attorney



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